WARNING: Some products on this website contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Vaping Amendment Bill (2020), all Crown Vape products will be registered as a notified product.

About Us

Crown is one of New Zealand’s premier brand of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, hookah and vaping supplies and ideal for all vapers that need amazing quality on a budget.


Quality Vaping Products

Crown doesn’t allow substandard products into our range, we are innovative, creative and forward-thinking in our approach. This approach has brought out some features in our products we are really proud of, our customers love our products because they are sleek, stylish and reliable.

Our features include:

  • A new vaping system with ceramic coils, these coils are longer lasting and really bring out the flavours in your e-juice. Once you try one you may never go back.
  • New stylish designs – easy to carry as they are compact, ‘all in one’ kits available, multicolour light options, lightweight, smart battery indicator (using lights to determine on a % basis).
  • Crown vaping systems can carry 8.8ml of e-liquids (standard is 2.5ml), this is good for heavy vapers as it offers a better (more intense) taste and thicker smoke.
  • We can say with absolute confidence that our products and e-liquids are consumer and quality tested to the highest standards to ensure you get the best experience from your e-cig, vaping gadget or hookah. Working in conjunction with industry leaders, Crown products are of the highest quality, you can rely on our brand to give you the best performance and taste experience again and again.
  • We are proud to say we are a reliable, trusted, high-quality brand with a great reputation for delivering an awesome vape for our customers.

Authentic And Affordable

From the hassle-free, easy to use beginners kits, DIY drippers, high-quality juices and other accessories you order, if it carries the Crown name, and you purchase from an authorised retailer, you are guaranteed a 100% authentic and truly unique product at a price that’s incredibly affordable.

Our Products & Our Partners

In the NZ vaping world, there are only a few names that are trusted as much as Crown, to ensure you get a genuine, high-quality product then please make sure you shop at one of our authorised retailer’s stores – Shosha – one of the largest vaping, hookah and e-liquid companies in New Zealand.

Crown Vape products can be found at over 70 different Shosha retailers and also online at