WARNING: Some products on this website contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Vaping Amendment Bill (2020), all Crown Vape products will be registered as a notified product.

Start Vaping with Crown Vape’s Easy to Use Starter Kits

 How To Start Vaping

Beginners to the world of vaping quite rightly have questions about the devices, what’s in e-juice and is vaping safe? We explore these questions and provide some answers.

A simple way to start vaping

By now the practice of vaping has been well documented, perhaps one or more of your friends have started and you want to try. Your friends are a great source of information and if they let you try their device, that will make choosing your own a little easier. If you’re unable to try one first-hand then it may be best to start off with a simple cigarette alternative, a Crown Vape starter kit includes all you need to begin, all you would need to do is buy some e-juice that you think you may like the taste of and away you go.

Learning How To Vape
Learning how to vape can seem pretty daunting but it’s actually so simple that millions of people worldwide have easily made the switch from smoking normal cigarettes to electronic vaping devices with very little trouble. The first thing you need to do is get used to your device, luckily Crown Vape starter devices are so simple you should be charged and e-juiced up in no time.

See the starter kit information pages for full details on the products.

Vaping Starter Kits NZ

The First Time
It’s important to understand that you are inhaling vapour, not smoke.

  • There is a lot of difference between the 2 and your lungs will not be used to it, your lungs are used to tobacco smoke.
  • With a traditional cigarette, you pull hard to get smoke, but with vaping, you should pull slow and steady.
  • An important fact to remember, the liquid is inside your atomizer/cartomizer just below the mouthpiece, so don’t pull too hard or you could end up with a little E-liquid on your taste buds, you may not enjoy that as much as the vape.
  • A cough or 2 when you first start is normal, it takes a little while for your lungs to get used to the vapour. Adjust the airflow on your device to increase or decrease the mixture of vapour and air, more air = less harshness on the throat. Don’t worry, you will be constantly changing your preferences as you get more used to the sensation.

The Inhale There two different types of inhales: one where you pull the vapour into your mouth, hold it there, then inhale the vapour.  The other is where you pull the vapour into your mouth and directly to your lungs without holding it in your mouth. The first is called a “mouth hit” while the other is called a “lung hit”.

Straight-to-Lung Hits Many vapers prefer lung hits over mouth hits. The reasons vary, however, the main reason is the increase in vapour production. Cloud chasers enjoy blowing the largest and thickest vapour clouds they can. To do this as a vape user you need to use lung hits, as you can gather a lot more vapour in your lungs than you can in your mouth. It is important to note that the larger clouds have a cost, that being one of flavour intensity. Since the vapour is bypassing the mouth, your taste buds don’t have the çhance to make much contact with the flavoursome vapour.

Mouth-to-Lung HitsThis style of vaping feels very much like smoking a cigarette does. When a smoker takes a drag of a cigarette, the smoke gathers in their mouth before it is inhaled into their lungs. That sensation in the throat called a throat hit, it’s that feeling that makes the transition from standard tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes so easy. Mouth-to-lung hits help save on e-juice as well. Because lung hits produce more vapour than mouth hits, more e-liquid is used.

Vaping Starter Kits NZ

Use Trusted Vape Brands
Buying from a reliable seller is vital to your experience, you should be using equipment that adheres to strict quality control and manufacturing processes as well as having charging and battery protection inbuilt to the device. Crown Vape is a trusted brand that won’t let you down and will keep you safe from accidental discharges or overcharges

Is it a good alternative to smoking?
Inhaling any substance (aside from fresh air) cannot be good for your health, the question should be is it safer than smoking traditional cigarettes? and the answer is yes! Tobacco is the world’s leading cause of preventable death, accounting for around 6 million deaths each year due to there being over 5,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, at least 70 of these may cause cancer.

Is it safe?
Crown Vape Starter kits and E-liquids do not contain tobacco so therefore do not contain those chemicals found in tobacco. E-liquid containing nicotine is heated into a vapour and breathed in, this intake of nicotine satisfies the cravings associated with a smoking addiction, but doesn’t cause cancer. In fact, recent 2017 figures from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians estimate that e-cigarettes are ‘around 95% safer than smoking.

Find Your Style

Find your own style of vaping, don’t give up, discover a method of vaping that feels most comfortable for you.

Switching Over
There are a lot of people with a lot of experience and knowledge on how to move away from standard cigarettes and onto a vaping device including the staff at Shosha stores countrywide and online.

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