Vaping Starter Kit

Starting to vape can be a process of learning, there are a lot of different devices available and that’s why Crown have bought starter kits that are perfect for vaping beginners to New Zealand. Simply put these beginner vape kits offer excellent performance with outstanding quality builds to enable a potential vaper to become an actual vaper as easily as possible. Our kits include everything you need except the E-juice.  Simply charge the device, read the instructions, add the juice and vape away. The different types of device are:

The Crown Aura

  • Huge 8.8ml storage tank for your e-liquid so you are not always having to carry e-juice bottles around. 
  • Easy to use, hygienic and super stylish.
  • Quick Charge 2000mAh battery so you never run out of power.
  • Digital battery level indicator.
  • Simple E-juice reload so there’s no mess.

The ATT- AI0

AIO means All-In-One, the battery is non-removable; you simply charge via the provided USB cable. These batteries are generally of a higher capacity and mean you can vape longer on a single charge without having to worry about carrying spare batteries or running out of power halfway through the day, perfect for beginners.

*Actual duration of the battery depends on usage


  • A childproof anti-leak system so you never accidentally lose your e-juice.
  • 2 ml Juice capacity.
  • Dual circuit protection, making sure your battery never overcharges.
  • Spiral mouthpiece designed for a better vaping experience.
  • Adjustable Airflow so you can tailor the device to your preference.

Charge Protected

Crown devices have a circuit protection system that has both software and hardware battery protections of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging. If you are unsure please email us.

Clear User Interface

Seeing what is happening with your device is key to finding and maintaining the perfect vape settings. Crown starter vape kits have easy to view and understand screens so you see exactly how much vape juice and battery life you have left.

Stylish Design

Although not a key factor in making your decision on which vape device to purchase, style counts, that’s why Crown make sure our vape machines are not only high-quality but look great too. For compact, modern looking devices it has to be Crown.

Easy To Refill

Of course, one of the reasons you are vaping is for the delicious flavours in the E liquids available. Filling the tanks on lesser quality brands of E-cig can be a messy experience, not so with Crown. Easy fill, non-drip designs make refilling a simple operation. Simply vape, refill and vape again with no fuss or wastage. The Aura has a massive 8.8ml tank, that’s 4 times larger than standard tanks so you don’t have to worry about running out of your favourite vape juice. The smaller sized ATT-AI0 kit has a 2ml tank but is a lot easier to carry. Your device choice depends on your lifestyle.